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Selling your claim insurance

Selling your insurance claim is the best way to obtain additional money without wasting time and engaging in court proceedings. Extra money goes straight to your account in 48h from your registration. On average, we pay our customers PLN 3,200 extra.

Re-claiming from comprehensive insurance

Insurance companies often dramatically understate compensations under comprehensive insurance covers by using wrong labour rates and unfair depreciation deductions for spare parts. We carefully examine whether the compensation provided by the insurer is consistent with the comprehensive insurance policy purchased by you.

Adjuster’s report

Our car expert will determine whether the damage has been correctly settled and whether the correct amount of compensation has been paid. You get a full document containing both the calculation of repair costs prepared in accordance with the applicable standards and the valuation of the car before and after the damage.

Damage verification

You send a cost estimate and a decision on compensation payment to us. We carry out a free verification and offer you a decent sum of money. Sending documents to us does not result in any commitments. You get a supplement to compensation as soon as possible.

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We are leaders in compensation repurchase market

Our law company offers extra cash to lowered motor damages. We are currently the largest law firm in Poland, dealing with the supplements to compensations from the offender’s liability or comprehensive insurance. The law firm consists of a team of legal advisers and attorneys specializing in insurance law. Our customers can sell their insurance claim to us and enjoy extra money within a few days after signing the contracts. Buying back of the compensation claim is the perfect solution for those who have received lowered compensation, and do not want to waste their time on a lawsuit against the insurer. Thanks to our experience, we are able to quickly determine the amount of supplement to damages under third-party insurance cover due to the client. The quality of our services is proven by the fact, that almost the half of our new clients come to us through recommendation. This can be the last call for you to sell your compensation from the offender’s liability or comprehensive insurance. Get in touch. So far we have helped thousands of clients, and we are now waiting for you.


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